Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The faint smell of fresh green leaves slowly becomes my reality,
As the sound of the waterfall carries on to confirm my mortality.
The exotic birds sing soprano notes with elegance and grace,
I slowly open my eyes and observe the surrounding unearthly place.
The divinity of my location resembles that of a sort of Heaven,
Yet the awareness of my pumping heart admits the knowledge that this cannot be certain.

The serenity and carefree atmosphere is incomparable to that of a high from ecstasy,
Any sorrows and misfortune are replaced with the faith of a peaceful eternity.
This is a place where gloom and despair are not granted access,
Only laughter echoes through the canopy, with no trace of distress.
I look around to the tropical ingredients of this glorious scene,
The image is ingrained in my mind, it will never be unseen.

I suddenly disappear from the fantasy as the sunlight hits my eyes,
I slowly open them only to feel a pang of surprise.
Although I am encouraged to believe that what I witnessed was real,
Maybe the surroundings were a part of my imagination, but the blissful experience was not surreal.
The enchantment was the result of my newly found inspiration to live an animated life,
Knowing that someday what I achieve will take me back to the place free of internal strife.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anchor Chains

**Note: I have absolutely no idea what motivated me to write this poem, but for some reason I just felt the need to begin writing it and could not stop. It is probably one of the darkest ones that I have written, but nonetheless, it was very fun to write.

How do I fill the void that is left entrenched in its darkness,
Left inside my once rich heart before this blindness?
Why is it that my prosperity is soon followed with the deepening core,
Of the intense sorrow that lacks the knowledge of what I grieve for?

Let go of me, for I can no longer resist,
As it constrains me deeper into its eternal, foreboding mist.
"I want to be free!" I scream within myself, only it never breaks sound,
The surrounding crowds only witness a smile, as I am only internally bound.

Bound by the unknown, there is no trace of curiosity in me,
To discover this calamity that threatens to leave me with cruelty.
This suffering must end, I must remember who I used to be,
The only one who holds the key to the chains is the honourable side of me.