Monday, December 17, 2012


Eyes shut tight, I try to clear my mind,
I'm lying in my bed trying to feel a little cozy,
My toes are tingling ice,
Fall asleep, I repeat to myself, fall asleep
Too many thoughts are circling in my head,
I know what I must do to return to my world of dreams.

It fills my ears and at once I am no longer part of this world,
The anticipation set in the beginning quickens my heartbeat,
I know what's coming, but its dramatic effect surprises me.
Its play count is irrelevant to its experience,
Every single time.

I have my eyes closed voluntarily now,
My body weighs nothing, my ears feel numb at its maximum volume,
The voice runs through me like blood runs through my veins,
Four minutes, I am floating,
My stomach flutters as images develop in my mind
Four minutes, my soul leaves to a world of romance.
I am alone in space.

If I have ever experienced love it is in that moment,
Sounds connect to tell a story.
I never want the tale to end, no matter how tragic,
The pain, the love, the fear, the hope.

It ends and once again I return to my world of silence,
I am at peace with my passion,
A small smile on my face as I keep thinking,

Fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep...

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