Wednesday, November 14, 2012


There is no doubt in my mind that you talk about me to your "friends",
I put it in quotations because I am never certain who your friends are,
You are always changing them, attaching yourself and spilling your secrets,
Who knows if you're spilling mine too.

Every inch of my body reassures me that I did the right thing,
Leaving your mind games and excessive internal dilemmas,
I live a peaceful life now; free of worry.
You think I left you because of him,
But he was solely an excuse.

I left your manipulative, sly, and dishonest ways,
You pretended to be harmless and gentle,
But only a mind reader would be able to decipher what your real motives were,
You entered my heart in the disguise of a friend,
But I should have looked down to see your poorly hidden claws.

You have the nerve to be nice to me and pretend like nothing is wrong,
You should know me well enough to know that maybe a year ago I would have fallen for it,
But my innocence no longer carries its naivety,
I am stronger now and though I have lost more along the way,
I am prepared to stand alone than stand as part of your plastic collection.

I am not afraid of what you tell your new friends,
I love myself too much to let that bother me,
Unlike you, I do not allow negativity to control me,
To be honest, I'm not really sure if those things really happened to you.

I am happy you have moved on and left me to be,
But you should fret the poison you surround yourself with now.
You are capable of competing with them, but you are not capable of winning against them.
I wish you luck, but I am glad I stopped myself before becoming like you.
If I had not stopped myself, you would have made sure I would become you.

Have fun trying to figure out what I'm like now,
But you will never hear it from me.
Enjoy reading this and realizing it's about you.

**Note: This post contains a lot of hate, but it was needed to be said. I don't usually attack people like this, but I felt the need to fight with my best weapon: my words. I promise that there will not be any more negativity on my blog for a long time! :-)

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