Monday, December 16, 2013

To my Fidel

The silence of our sorrow as we say our goodbye,
Your cheeks damp while my eyes dry.
Tomorrow, you are gone forever,
No longer the warmth of this shivering weather.

I am sorry that I can only express this through words on a screen,
But I loved you even though aware of this inevitable ending.
Even with heartache I still do not regret,
For the things you have taught me, I am forever in your debt.

The smudges on your letter,
I know their origin.
The beauty of your words,
To me, this was foreign.
As strange as our exotic roots,
And regrettably, our incompatible pursuits.

Yet, love was as strong as the walls broken down,
I feared that if I let you in, I would drown.
But instead, on my head, you placed a golden crown.
As I stood tall and proud in my royal gown.

Our endless laughs in the times we would spend,
I am happy that I will always call you a friend.
Even with the feeling that now a piece of me is missing,
This short but sweet romance, I will spend the winter reminiscing.

Never forget our promises or our goals,
They are what forecast the reunion of our souls.

Though we fear the possibility that this love may die,
I will promise you, this is not our last goodbye.

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