Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ocean Waves

The generously fleeing heart at the moment we parted,
I wanted the shackles broken even before it started.
Indecisive decisions and lingering doubts,
The body would stay as the mind would shout.
I led you towards the disaster called my pretension,
While I stood on shoulders punctured with tension.

So willingly embracing the openness of your emotions,
Your warmth was the sun as I was the cold ocean.
But the depth of my resistance resembled the deep sea,
Where the waves of your passion could not reach me.
It is only after so long and shameful rejections,
That I now appreciate your unconditional affections.

To say I miss you is both an understatement and an exaggeration,
Maybe what happened after was payback for your frustration.
But I would be a fool to believe you'd ever wish such on me,
The worst you ever did was be there for me.

Perhaps I am aware of taking advantage of you still,
Comforted with the knowledge that my voids exist for you to fill,
Despite an ocean between us and an evaporated love, I will never forget,
I finally feel the warmth of your rays, but too late for the sun has already set.

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