Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Surrounded by most things my mother has taken my hand from,
All the desires rushing through me, only wanting freedom
"Come on, just one time. It'll be fun, do it!"
Eyes piercing through me, making me feel like I don't fit

I do it once, then again, one more time
Washing the burning sensation down with lime
"This is fun! Let's do one more!"
"Oh no, I cannot. My throat is getting sore."

What's that you say? Will I do what for you?!
I'm sorry, but what you were told is not true.
I would never do that, especially not for somebody I don't know
Me? A girl like that? Say it isn't so!
For I have enough respect for myself to remember who's in charge
As my integrity and dignity are still at large
Of course I'm calling a cab! You're creeping me out!
If I stay longer, you will hurt me, that I do not doubt.

Getting home, to the sweetest people I know,
The only people I trust, since 17 years ago
"Oh Mom! I'm so glad to be back!
But I'm too tired to explain! I'm going to go hit the sack."

Crawling into my bed I think of the excuses I could use to explain
But as I drift off I think to myself, "Holy shit, that was insane!"

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