Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What goes on in a teenager's mind...

Memorizing the time you'll be here
But wishing you would always want to be near
Checking the time over and over again
Distracting myself in order to keep sane

Not yet friends, and far from lovers,
Yet if we're together, I daydream about the dangers
Fights, tears, my father kicking your ass
Or distraction causing me to fall behind in class

As I laugh at such nonsense a girl my age would think of,
I still wonder, "Is what's happening love?"
As friends disapprove, I still defend you,
Wondering if you would do the same thing for me too

Maybe it's a Taylor Swift song about an amazing guy,
"Your eyes are lookin' into mine, so baby make me fly"
Or maybe it's just the feeling of a summer fling
Because in the end, I don't want my heart aching.

Day and night, I imagine of what could be
Though deep down I know, you can never be with me.

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