Monday, August 10, 2009

Sad Eyes

Getting a call from a friend who cancels,
Never hearing the words desired from a boy,
Watching your family fall apart,
watching them try to mend their broken hearts.

Guns, grenades, suicide bombers,
CNN filled with witnessing callers,
People fighting their own people and shedding each other's blood,
Soldiers waiting for the enemy in the bushes, covered in mud.

People you trust and have fun with,
but deep inside knowing a good friend is a myth.
Women sacrificing their dignity and self respect for a man's love,
Allowing the media to degrade the rest of the women who have self love

A dog put in a cage to be sold and fend for itself,
Showing no sympathy and keeping all the money for ourself,
A small, starving child with helpless tears on tv dies,
I watch the world; all the hate and misfortune, with sad eyes.

1 comment:

  1. Look at our species, so much wasted time and potential. It's heartbreaking, the world we've inherited. You captured the flashes of our world that make all of it up as a whole. I loved it.