Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The wing of a bird is a simple yet complex affair,
Those trusted know it should be preserved and handled with care,
It stretches far and high to prove its might,
But who would have known a bullet would break its flight?

The leader's hands on the hips of the dancer guides her moves,
Nobody but her realizes that he is leading her in a way she disproves,
The elegant dancer should be following with a smile,
But who would have known his hands force her direction into a perilous style?

The graceful arms of the dancer resemble the fragile wing of the bird,
Both controlled and insecure, both vulnerable and fractured.
The will to escape transforms the broken wing into one that is majestic,
And the competence of the dazed dancer leaves her no longer heartsick.
Their gallantry allows them to become independent and privileged,
As their new-found liberty will grant them protection and always be kept salvaged.

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