Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rose Petals to Brown Leaves

The crimson leaves of last season have crumbled and follow the gust,
Shriveled from time and identical to remnants of dust.
In the wind their residue travels to places we will never know,
But their purpose is to secure room for new flowers to blossom and grow.

I stand as an obstacle for the leaves to reach their destination,
Because I stand where their buds first bloom in their creation.
We must let go of our fears and allow the floret to thrive,
If we lose faith, it will simply remain a dull chive.

Trying to fix something before it is broken may appear to be original and clever,
But like an over-watered flower, it will only descend in its damage forever.
I step away as the obstacle and instead give the seed my blessing,
There is not a single thing to do but to allow its valuable journey through its destined path, freeing me from obsessing.

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